How Speakers, Authors, Coaches and Consultants Make Money on the Internet . . . FOR REAL

This breakthrough e-book will show you how to build an electronic marketing business from ďsquare oneĒ into a five-figure . . . six figure . . . even a million dollar asset. 

When I say ďsquare one,Ē I MEAN SQUARE ONE! When I started I had a website that received only 400 visitors in two years and I had no computer knowledge other than word processing. To this day I donít have a tremendous amount of basic computer knowledge. The technical stuff doesnít even interest me. . . . I like to write deposit slips, not programs. 

I do know where to "click" to make money and this E-book was designed to make it easy for you to click in the right place without all the trial and error I suffered through.  

Click: The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing for Speakers, Authors, Coaches and Consultants

This book was written by A NON TECHNICAL PERSON who is really making money on the Internet . . . donít be fooled by the pseudo experts that never actually did it.

January 30 --ďTom, I just put out my first E-book and sold $5400.00 worth in the first two days!Ē
Robert Middleton.

April 5 -- ďTom I just wanted to give you an update. Iím doing about $10,000.00 a month in web orders. Iím really kicking butt!Ē
Robert Middleton

Youíll get:

Opportunity from the Internet is not just knocking at your door.  . . . Itís almost knocking it down.

Just like you, Iím a pretty darn good at what I do. It really doesnít matter too much how good you are if no one knows about it. Iíve done all the standard promotional things for my business like cold calling, direct mail, showcase speeches, freebies and every other ďacceptedĒ method for speaker promotion. After 13 years and 2000 paid presentations hereís what I learned:

Selling speeches, coaching and consulting services is an exercise in frustration and a big waste of time and money. The way to make the most money is to sell your knowledge in as many different formats as possible and the big ticket work will come.

Since I learned how to use the Internet, my speaking fee has more than doubled. I get more requests to speak than I ever got. I turn down more speaking engagements than I ever did. I have more money in the bank than I ever did. I have more free time than Iíve ever had. The hardest thing I have on my plate is finding support staff to take care of my business that more than doubled last year and looks like it will double again this year.

Donít bother buying this book if you have all the money youíll ever need.

If youíre an older speaker who is content to lie down and let the younger speakers take over, then donít waste your time with this book. Iíll tell you what though, I sure did get a kick out of seeing a 90 year old speaker in one of my recent seminars coming up to me at every break trying to get all the details on e-book production so he could sell his latest book about The Constitution. 

If youíre like the rest of us who want to maximize the bottom line in our prime earning years, by all means, read on:

Iíve included all the nitty gritty details in this book. But to make it even easier for those of you who have limited computer knowledge, I have included What you need to know light bulbs throughout the book. Anytime you feel overwhelmed, just go to the next light bulb to see the big picture and then move on. Your web designer can read the details later. IíM NOT GOING TO LET ANYTHING STOP YOU FROM BEING SUCCESSFUL.

Hereís just a small sample of what you will get in this giant reference book:

Website info

Tom gave me one little idea as we spoke in the hallway of a conference in Thailand. I implemented it and have already made thousands of dollars. I'm crossing my fingers because the same idea has a five figure deal now pending.
Tim Gard, CSP

Tom Antion's information is the best I've ever seen in any seminar since I started my business in 1977. He is changing the way we do business.
Bill Brooks CSP, CPAE

Plus you'll get all my favorite reference materials. . . . Donít waste your money on garbage. I bought them all and only recommend the best.

Within two weeks of learning Tom's system I added 60 pages to my website myself at no cost and had a number one search engine ranking on one of my main keywords.
Michael Stahl  

Tom's information gave me the encouragement to develop a website that I did not think was affordable. It is a new business opportunity. 
Barbara Rebhan

I implemented your Yahoo techniques and I'm already getting lots of visitors and program inquiries.
Kirby Tepper

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Just one idea I got from Tom made me over $400,000.00 so far.
Rob Dale, Australia

It is amazing how many bookings I have received from marketing on-line with Tom's strategies.
Debbie Allen, Member National Speakers Association

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Tom, I'm literally blown away by what you packed into this product. I've never seen anyone else include the depth of money-making techniques for information providers that you have included in "Click." It's a winner! Pity the poor fools who think if they ignore the Internet, it will go away. Envy the smart ones who get your book.
David Garfinkel, Advertising Copywriter

Hi Tom:
Just to let you know I received numerous orders for mystery shops and one seminar job from my last e-zine. My list is small, under 300, but EVERY TIME I send it, I get a piece of business. A great, subtle way to stay "top of mind". Thanks for your help...
Melinda Brody, CSP

Just a quick note. I started using your system about 4 months ago. I used your system to market products to a unique industry. I have about 310 subscribers to my E-Zine. I sent out my March E-Zine on March 15th by March 31st I had received $2,200. worth of Orders for one product.
Robert Chaffin

Top Ten Reasons You Should Have This E-Book

10. Youíd have to have a staff of five working 40 hours a week to compile this much credible e-marketing information

9. A great website will bring in new business from people that never heard of you. . . . This book will tell you how to get one.

8. Youíll save a fortune on mailing demo materials.

7. Your web designer almost certainly doesnít know this stuff. If you like him/her, you can educate them and, at the same time, get some results for yourself.

6. Youíll have a complete new product line that will bring in passive income.

5. Even if you have a pretty good website, this information will help you pick up much of the money youíre still leaving on the table.

4. You can stay current because the book includes an update website for your use between major revisions.

3. Itís extremely cheap to implement most of the ideas that I bring.

2. The million dollar idea that you bring can now be implemented for very low cost and even lower risk.

And the number one reason to order this e-book is:

1. You could easily blow 100 times itís cost by making only a few dumb mistakes that this book will prevent.*

*Case in point (Name changed to protect the embarrassed): Jerry Speakerman almost got sick during one of my seminars. He had spent $37,000.00 producing a CD that was no better than the one I produced on my home computer for $2.00 a piece.

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Here is more of what youíll get:


This is the single most valuable how-to resource on how to make $ on the internet.  I feel like Iíve already struck gold!
Joan Stewart, Publicity Hound

Plus a really cool banquet marketing technique that the meeting planner AND your checkbook will love. . . . All you have to do is mention it early in the negotiations.


Plus how to take an e-book file and instantly use it for a CD product. . . . Same file . . . two products . . .  Thatís better than a 2 for 1 happy hour discount! (see next section)  

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Even though Iíve had an e-commerce site for several years, I still learned many valuable tips that should help me add thousands to our bottom line this year.
Susan Berkley, Author of Speak to Influence


I've just started reading your book and found things that even I didn't know!
Dan Janal, Author Guide to Marketing on the Internet

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Since both my webmaster and I have followed Tom's instructions, traffic to my sites has tripled. Subscriptions to my three ezines are climbing daily. Requests for information about my speaking have doubled and are including many more international opportunities.
Rhoberta Shaler, PhD


Tom Antion knows more about e-marketing for speakers than anyone, anywhere.
Patricia Fripp CSP, CPAE

Thanks Tom, it was worth coming from Australia to get such practical and specific information. Youíve given me shortcuts that will save heaps of time and dollars. 
Robyn Pearce

I'm not easily dazzled. Yet, every time I'm exposed to Tom Antion's web mastery, whether through his Butt Camp seminars, his e-newsletter, or his new "Click" book, he literally assaults me with profitible ideas. You might not like his controversial style, but this guy can make you money.
Gerorge Walther CSP, CPAE

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One basic change in your thinking can mean an end to worry and fear about your financial future.

The Internet has really leveled the playing field for savvy small business operators. . .  Iím not talking about the big dummy dot coms that borrowed millions and let wet-behind-the-ear, 18 year old CEOs blow all the money. . . . Iím talking about guerilla oriented entrepreneurs like yourself who must make every promotional dollar pay.

If you will just agree the Internet is here to stay and commit to learning how it can be extremely useful in promoting you and your business, you could literally double or triple your income this year.

Who would benefit from ďClick: The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing for Speakers?Ē

This book is for you if you want to dramatically and immediately increase your income from selling your products and services on the Internet. 

Itís perfect for:

Questions & Answers

Q. Tom, How will I use this book?
A. This book progresses in a logical order, but you are welcome to skip around to specific sections that address specific problems you are now having in your electronic marketing efforts. The book has a ďclickableĒ index that allows you to instantly go to any area of interest. If you are brand new and donít even have a website, then you should read the entire book to get an overview of what is available to you and then create your own action plan based on your business goals. Also, if you are connected to the Internet while you are reading, you can instantly access any of the 700 websites mentioned throughout the book by clicking on the hotlinks.

Q. I already have a web designer. Will he clash with your methods?
A. From my experience the answer is probably yes. Most web designers want to keep you in the dark and protect their turf. If you know too much, they feel you wonít need them. In addition, most of them are what I call ďelectronic artists.Ē They are capable of creating truly beautiful websites, but they totally ignore the fact that certain design elements are absolutely counterproductive to your site being found by search engines. In the book, I tell you exactly how to evaluate your web designerís competence.  . . . A beautiful site does you no good if no one can find you. This books teaches you what you need to know to have both an attractive site and one that attracts traffic like a magnet.

Q. I know you advocate updating my site myself. Iím extremely busy. It seems impossible for me to learn. How will I do it?
A. Once the software has been installed, you can learn how to update your site with a competent instructor in less than 30 minutes. In many cases it can even be done over the phone. Learning to update my website myself was the single best investment in time and money I made in my entire speaking career. It saved me over $100,000.00 in web maintenance costs and made me way more than that, because I can implement the ideas in Click  and put them out to the world in a few minutes with no delays.

Q. I donít have a big budget and Iíve heard it can cost more than $10,000.00 for a good website. Is this true?
A. You can spend a million and it wonít make much difference if you donít do it right. Let me tell you about the latest site I created. It cost $650.00 to have the basic structure created so that I could update it myself. I added an additional 130 pages myself that cost me nothing. It cost me $199.00 to get it accepted by Yahoo. By knowing the tricks in Click, the site is already bringing in about $4,000.00 profit per month and itís only been up about three months.

Q. I feel totally lost when it comes to the Internet. How could I possibly start selling there?
A.  I know exactly how you feel. I only had word processing experience when I started. Now, many of the tools are so easy to use with a little help youíll learn quickly. You can even recruit a high school kid to help you. My whole operation is run by an 11th grader and Iíve learned an enormous amount from him. Click will tell you everything you need to know to get started.

Q. Iím an extremely experienced computer and Internet user. I have a good website, but I just canít make any money with it. How can you help?
My first question to you is, ďHow good is your website really if itís not making you any money?Ē Selling on the Internet is a very specialized field. I hear all the time (and it makes me cringe) about the computer engineer that works for a big software firm thatís helping someone with their website. I look at the site and it doesnít even have one element out of the many needed to make a good sales site. Just because the person is great at installing hard drives and troubleshooting network problems doesnít mean they know the intricate psychology of website sales. It would be like asking an ear, nose and throat specialist to be a psychiatrist. You are experienced at computer use, Internet surfing, and putting up web pages, but I have spent 3 years specifically learning how to sell on the Internet. Click will bring you up to speed in a few days on the skills you need to add to the ones you already have so you can get your sales moving.

Q. Tom, I don't have an unlimited budget to put into my speaking career. Your book costs quite a bit more than a cup of coffee. How can I be sure I'll get my money's worth?
A. I don't blame you for being skeptical. I'm that way myself. Lots of people are trying to sell lots of worthless things to speakers. That's why there are two very important things I want you to know.
Number 1: Without bragging , I have a very strong reputation for being an excellent professional speaker and speaker coach. I have personally done over 2000 paid presentations. I have trained at 35 chapter events and seven national events for the prestigious National Speakers Association. I am a columnist for several national meetings publications including the largest circulation print periodical for professional speakers. I'm the chief spokesperson for CBS (one of the largest websites in the world) in their small business outreach program Main Streets Online. I publish my own electronic magazine for professional speakers with over 24000 subscribers worldwide. I am not going to damage my worldwide reputation by selling you a piece of junk.
Number 2: I am in your industry. I have total confidence that when you review the techniques in the Click, that you will benefit tremendously. I'm certain you will feel that your small investment in this system will be one of the biggest bargains of your business. It will make you a tremendous amount of money and save you a tremendous amount of money too. I want you to order at my risk.  That's why I give a No Nonsense, 100%, 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee (which is unheard of for this type of electronic product)

Click here for purchase information

Click is a treasurehouse of immediately usable information

In addition to Click youíll get:

An update website. This is a rapidly changing field. Our staff keeps up on the latest happenings that effect your electronic marketing efforts and we report them to you between major revisions of the book. (a $240.00 value)  

E-Marketing QUIZ

If you think you know enough about the Internet already, take this 10 Question Quiz. If you can answer these questions, you donít need this book.  

  1. What part of a web page is absolutely the most important place to put keywords so you have a chance to be found by search engines? 

  2. What two website design techniques do top website marketers avoid like the plague? 

  3. What technique is used to keep visitors from totally leaving your site when you provide them with a resource link? 

  4. How can you get a rough estimate of how many people typed in your keywords in the last 30 days? 

  5. What is ďdouble opt inĒ and how can it protect you from getting kicked off of your ISP? 

  6. What is by far the easiest to use and most accepted format for E-books? 

  7. What is the single most critical shopping cart feature needed by information publishers? 

  8. How is the psychology of the sale on the Internet different than the same sale would be face to face? 

  9. What format will cause your CD product to be unreadable by older CD players? 

  10. Why should you NEVER use Microsoft Word or other regular word processors to create an E-Newsletter? 

If you answered all the above without hesitation, then you definitely donít need this book. Otherwise you just might be wasting tons of time and money trying to figure these things out on your own. I know the frustration. It took me two years of trial and error to figure them out and they are constantly changing. Thatís why I am providing an update website for the book that will keep you informed on whatís new and what you need to know.

This book is intelligently priced at $97.00. One tiny idea could save you thousands of dollars. Another tiny idea could put you on your way to building that high income business you've always wanted. Order now and put yourself in a profitable vehicle on the information superhighway. Heck, buy a copy for your web designer too. Click here for immediate download from the Speaker Shop. Then click on E-Books. (For phone, fax, email and snail mail orders see below.)

Read this only if you decided NOT to Invest
The speakers who read this book will end up with your money.

I donít blame you for being skeptical. There is so much get rich quick junk on the Internet that itís hard to decide what is real and what isnít. I encourage you to look at the results other people just like you have gotten using my system. Look at the emails they sent me and review what they had to say. None of them claimed instant riches beyond their wildest dreams. They simply got positive results by putting simple techniques into action. 

You may already have a website and it might even be doing OK. Do you know the advanced strategies to make it better? How much money are you leaving on the table? Let me ask you this. Do you remember when no one had fax machines? Did you eventually get one? Now, you would not be considered serious in business if you didnít have one. Itís pretty much the same with the Internet with one glaring exception. You canít just pop down to Office Depot and buy a web machine and a few rolls of web paper. It takes a while to get a solid electronic marketing system in place (which is a lot more than simply having a website). It takes quite a while to get link popularity and to get firmly entrenched in all the search facilities. It takes a while to get a solid email list going. The longer you wait, the further behind youíll be and you may never catch your competition. The time to start learning is now. Each day you delay is costing you money and pretty soon youíll be like a person without a fax machine . . . considered a part time hobbyist and NOT a serious business person. 

Do you realize that it would take you at least a year of full time work to figure out what is in this book? Do you realize that you would have to buy all the Internet junk out there (just like I did) to figure out what is real and what is garbage? I doubt if you want to invest the time and money to make the mistakes I made. Thatís the reason for this book and thatís the reason people hire people like you and me . . . to save them from making the mistakes that we made. Can you afford to make major blunders in your Internet marketing efforts when they could be avoided with a low $97.00 investment in this one-of-a-kind updatable reference tool?

Click here for immediate download from the Speaker Shop. Then click on E-Books . Or call 800-448-6280 in the Continental US or (301) 459-0738. To fax or mail your order, click above and order through the shopping cart then print the off line order form.  

Want the CD mailed to you in addition to the immediate download? Click here

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