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The TeleSeminar Kit


Kick Back and Make Money from Home: 
How to Deliver TeleSeminars

With Special Guest Host: Judy Sabah

"It's the easiest money I ever made," says Tom Antion. "No airplanes, no three days out of the office to do one speech, no power suit, no schlepping props and handouts, AND no great risk and expense like a public seminar incurs."

Learn how to spread your expertise and name worldwide with less hassle than any other aspect of the speaking business.


  • How he made in excess of $12,000.00 in the first month doing TeleSeminars.
  • How to record, duplicate and package your TeleSeminars to get virtually instant new products . . . Tom has 9 new high content educational audiotapes which sell for higher than average prices. . . .AND every TeleSeminar will add to Tom's product list.
  • How he consistently packs the "virtual room" with participants.


  • What "distance education" is all about and how you can use it to make money while lounging around the house.
  • How TeleSeminars can help you get more "regular" speaking engagements.
  • How you can throw a worldwide public seminar for less than $30.00
  • How to learn the telephone bridge technology (it is easy) and how to keep control of your attendees.
  • What simple (and inexpensive) things you need to get started.
  • Why this sounds so easy . . . Because it is. Tom learned how to do this and two days later was making money.

    And as always with Tom's materials . . . Much, Much More!


TAPES 2 & 3

How I Made 18K on One TeleSeminar

Tom just did his biggest TeleSeminar yet and it was a smashing success. . . . $18.000.00 in revenue, 60 New Customers, and a new tape set that will bring in $40,000 - $60,000 over the next year.

Remember . . . all this was from the comfort of his home office . . .There was no getting on an airplane . . . no hauling products, no promotional costs AND . . .no renting hotel rooms or buying cookies for the attendees.

In this two hour revealing Telephone Seminar you will discover all the behind-the-scenes strategies he used to build up to and deliver such a massively profitable event so you can do it too:


  • Build a reputation that makes TeleSeminar attendees flock to you.
  • Control a very large TeleSeminar so everyone has a great experience.
  • Prepare handouts and visuals so that you have no printing or mailing costs.
  • Use rapport building techniques before the seminar to raise your final attendance.
  • Automate your systems so that getting 100 attendees doesn't bury you in paperwork.
  • Use free bonuses to up your attendance.
  • Use the "right kind" of testimonials to up your attendance.
  • Use free publicity to up your attendance
  •  Sell products and make killer deals.
  • Prepare for volume product sales
  • Learn copy writing techniques that make people pull their wallet out and spend money with you.
  • Make sure every attendee is thrilled with their investment so they spread the word for you.
  • Make database marketing work for you.
  • Use affiliate relationships to get new customers into your system.


  • All the techniques Tom uses to keep customers coming back over and over again.
  • What technology to use to make sure you get a good tape of the event.
  • 8 Low Cost / No Cost Ways to promote your event


Tom will reveal several little known Supertricks he uses that will really increase product sales

You'll get three full hours of audio training that will tell you everything you need to know to start doing TeleSeminars as a business by itself or as an add on revenue source to your existing business. 

You'll make money selling your knowledge around the world with this exciting and low risk seminar business.

This tiny investment of $49.95 could easily launch an entire new business for you and your family right from your own home. 
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Call 800-448-6280 in the Continental US Outside the US call 301-459-0738





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